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Order of Protection

An order of protection can be a valuable legal tool to protect a victim of abuse, domestic violence, harassment or stalking. An order of protection is a court order, issued either by Family Court or the Criminal Courts, which either prohibits a person from contacting or coming within a certain distance of the petitioner ("stay away" order) or, makes it illegal for the respondent to threaten, harass, or abuse the petitioner. If the respondent violates such an order, he or she faces serious legal consequences, including arrest and imprisonment. These orders can safeguard people from domestic violence situations, including those that may be exacerbated by an ongoing divorce proceeding or Family Court matter.

A temporary order of protection may be issued in order to offer a victim immediate protection. In these cases, a hearing is usually held at a later date to determine whether to keep the order in place.

The lawyers at Rubin & Rosenblum, PLLC can help you obtain an order of protection if you have been the victim of domestic abuse, so that you can have some measure of relief from the abuse.