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Prenuptial agreements are becoming essential for many couples in New York. With the great variety of family histories couples bring to a marriage, there is often a need to direct assets or personal property to a child from a prior marriage or to protect certain assets from becoming marital property. The lawyers at Rubin & Rosenblum, PLLC, can help you create a prenuptial agreement (prior to a marriage) or post nuptial agreement (after a marriage) that enables you to achieve your goals. Contact us to speak with a lawyer about a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement.

Do I Need a Prenuptial Agreement?

Our experienced family law attorneys recognize that there are legitimate reasons to want to protect your assets acquired prior to marriage:

  • Do you have children from a prior marriage?
  • Do you have a family owned business?
  • Do you have significant business interests?
  • Do you have family heirlooms or family property that should be preserved solely for your heirs?
  • Do you own property jointly with your parents?

We have the knowledge and skills necessary to evaluate, negotiate, and draft prenuptial agreements and post nuptial agreements that address your concerns and financial goals for the future.

Prenuptial agreements are very time sensitive. It is important to consider the agreement with sufficient time prior to the marriage. Otherwise, should the agreement ever come into effect, there may be a dispute that an individual was coerced. In addition to drafting these agreements, our lawyers also have the experience and trial skills to successfully litigate the agreement. Postnuptial agreements are executed anytime after a marriage.

For quality, informative, and experienced assistance with a prenuptial agreement before marriage or a post nuptial agreement following marriage, contact our prenuptial agreement lawyers

If these issues were not addressed in a pre-nuptial agreement, they can also be addressed them after marriage, in what is known as a post-nuptial agreement. Our experienced attorneys can assist you in this regard.