Summer Custody Checklist

Last month, my partner Debra discussed how to best share the summer vacation schedule among divorced or separated parents, but there are also a lot of things to consider as well. Just because a family is going through a divorce or separation doesn’t mean that a child or children’s lives need to be in total upheaval.  The roof over their heads may be changing, but their schedules don’t necessarily need to be rewritten. As parents, you need to take into account the children’s needs and wants and minimize change as much as possible, especially when it comes to their schedules. Of course, this will differ from family to family and situation to situation, but here [...]

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Sharing the Summer

  Just because the seasons are changing, doesn’t mean that the ease of a custody agreement needs to melt away under the hot summer sun. Sharing the summer with your ex or soon-to-be ex, so that it is almost seamless for your kids, can really be quite easy.  Like most other elements of your divorce and custody agreement, make sure that you take into consideration vacation schedules. It is common for parents to have a specified amount of uninterrupted vacation time. Usually parents will alternate years when selecting vacation times – if Mom has first choice of vacation time the first year, Dad will have first choice the second year. To avoid conflicts, upset children, [...]

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Case Study Spotlight: When Litigation is Best for the Wellbeing of the Child

Litigation is often seen as the last resort. However, in cases involving issues that cannot be resolved out of court, such as in a custody case where a parent is incapacitated because of mental illness or substance abuse, litigation becomes a necessity. Rubin & Rosenblum recently secured an appellate victory that serves as an example of why going to court is sometimes the right thing to do. Gayle R. Rosenblum, Esq. represented a father who was awarded sole custody of the couple’s one child. The mother appealed the Trial Court’s decision. The Appellate Division stressed that it does not like to interfere with the determinations of the Trial Court, and ultimately, the witnesses presented at [...]

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