Five Things That You Should Know About Divorce

There are many surprises along the way when a couple decides to get divorced, but there are also five very important things you should know about getting a divorce so that you are prepared. 1. Don’t Expect to Win Your Divorce Case In a divorce there are no winners.  It may be a hard pill to swallow, but the truth is it is extremely rare for either side to get exactly what they want in a divorce, whether its settled or decided by a Judge.  Before you decide to engage in a full-blown litigation, keep this in mind. 2. Carefully Think Through Any Important Decisions In your divorce you will be faced with life changing [...]

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Don’t Be the Family Grinch This Holiday Season – Follow These Tips to Make It Easy for Everyone

We are heading into the Holiday Season – Thanksgiving, Chanukah and Christmas are just weeks away. And yes, there are presents and parties, but there is also an enormous amount of stress for families going through a divorce, or already divorced or separated.  There are ways, however, to make it less stressful. If you have your children for one or all of the holidays, make sure you share your plans with your ex. Where you are going, when you are going, hotel and flight information. Don’t let your feeling about your ex interfere with your children. Keep those feelings to yourself.  Don’t use your holiday time with your children to vent. That’s not a present [...]

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When COVID Complicates A Divorce, What Do You Do?

COVID is now part of our daily lives – from what we hear, to what we see, to what we do.  For some families going through the divorce process COVID has become an added source of tension. Arguments about which COVID precautions should be implemented for a child and to what degree, along with whether to have a child vaccinated, have become major sticking points for some couples going through a divorce.   How do families go about resolving these issues? When there is a disagreement about whether to vaccinate a child, a child’s pediatrician can offer valuable guidance.  They can guide parents as to what is best for a child based upon that child’s individual [...]

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Lessons For Heading Back to School

While we don’t want to admit it, the kids will be heading back to school sooner rather than later. As parents we want to make sure our children have a great experience, both at school and at home, but as a divorced family there may be some extra boxes to check off on that back-to-school list. Both parents should be involved in their child(ren)s education.  Both should have equal access to electronic documents, such as start and end times, bus schedules, class schedules, teacher contact information and report cards.  Don’t rely on your ex to provide this information to you or communicate on your behalf.  Make sure you are proactive and get this information ahead [...]

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Packing Your Emotions for Your First Summer Vacation as A Divorced Parent

By Debra L. Rubin The kids are out of school and summer is here, but if this is your first summer as a divorced family, navigating vacations can be tricky. Whenever possible, it is best to approach any situation between you and your ex with an open line of communication and a mutual respect for each other’s time with your children. If you are taking the kids on a vacation, you should provide your ex with your itinerary, including dates of travel, and hotel and airline information.  If your ex is taking the kids on a vacation, you should expect the same information as well. Be mindful of what you say and how you act [...]

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Don’t Let Your Custody Agreement Heat Up This Summer

By Gayle Rosenblum Custody arrangements can truly be stress-free if the lines of communication between both parents are kept open. Here are some tips to keep your summer smooth and stress-free: It is important to plan ahead. Talk to your ex about your plans and their plans this summer for the child(ren) in advance.  If there are conflicts, suggest solutions.  Be mindful of occasions and commitments that may need to take precedent, such as holidays, birthdays, vacations, day trips, camp and sports. Do not wait until the last minute. Not only do you have to be mindful of each of your schedules but the availability of the activities that you wish to enroll your children [...]

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When Is the Right Time to Bring Your Significant Other Home to Your Kids?

By Debra L. Rubin Your marriage is over, your divorce is almost finalized, but your social life has moved on and now there is someone new in your life.  Great for you, but a reason to exercise caution around your children. So, when is the right time to introduce a significant other to your children?  There is no exact moment that you can put on a calendar, or a magical number of days you should wait; there are however, some best practices when approaching the situation. If you are romantically involved with a person, and your divorce is not finalized, it is a good idea to keep that romantic relationship out of sight from your [...]

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Recreational Marijuana – Nothing Changes, You Still Need to Act as a Responsible Parent

On March 31, Governor Andrew Cuomo signed legislation (S.854-A/A.128-A) legalizing recreational marijuana use in New York State.  It is now legal for adults 21 years and older to smoke, ingest or consume cannabis products, or give them to other people of the same legal age, with certain restrictions on quantities.  The bill also allows for up to five pounds of cannabis to be stored in a home if it is securely stored away from children. The legalization of marijuana comes with strict guidelines, just as the sale and use of tobacco and alcohol. The use of recreational marijuana, when around children, should be treated with the same regard as alcohol and cigarettes. Parents must use appropriate judgment [...]

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When Parents Need A Timeout During A Divorce

Getting a divorce is not easy for anyone, especially children. Parents sometimes tend to get wrapped up in their own emotions as they work through the divorce process and neglect how their children are feeling. The stress of a divorce will impact each child differently depending on their family situation, their age, and their personality - but in the end, parents need to remember that they are adults and need to act appropriately around their children. Even though you and your spouse are going your separate ways, you need to maintain a united front to help your children through this difficult time. Children should not be punished for decisions that you and/or your spouse [...]

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Things To Do When Considering A Divorce

Getting a divorce isn’t as simple as two people saying “our marriage is over”.  There are multiple layers to a divorce, many of which most people don’t consider or understand. So, what do you need to know as you plan to end your marriage? Locate your assets and what will be divided. Get all of your financial documents in order. Find the deed to your home. Create a list of all shared debt and credit cards. Determine your custody goals. Be prepared for things to take time, divorce proceedings could take months depending on the situation. While this all may seem overwhelming, that is what we are here for.  We will help you navigate everything [...]

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Divorce – What are the Key Issues?

Whether your divorce is simple or complicated, amicable, or contentious – there are four key issues that generally must be addressed. The Children – This is likely one of the most emotionally complicated aspects of a divorce. Custody and parenting time are not as simple as dividing up the week. Parents must consider things such who holds the decision-making authority for the children. Do both parents have to agree on everything?  Does one parent have the decision-making authority?  Or does one parent make the final decision in some areas (for example medical), while the other parent makes the final decision in other areas (for example education)?  It also must be determined where the children live.   [...]

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Co-Parenting in the Age of COVID

Co-parenting in the most amicable of divorces poses challenges; now consider parents who don’t see eye-to-eye on essential aspects of their child(ren)s lives, and the challenges become harder to overcome. Today, our country stands divided on whether to get the COVID-19 vaccine once it becomes widely available and likewise, parents stand divided on whether or not their children should be vaccinated.  So, what do you do if you and your ex or soon-to-be-ex can’t agree upon certain major aspects of raising and parenting your children? When a couple gets divorced, their child custody arrangements typically include provisions directing things such as residential custody and decision-making authority.  Sometimes the decisions are easy, and sometimes they are [...]

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COVID – Adapting with the times

When the ball dropped on New Year’s Eve, none of us could have imagined the world we were about to be thrown into just a mere two months later.  In the beginning, no one knew how to handle working from home with children. This was the unimaginable. The unthinkable. At the same time, if you work on the front lines, then you have to be conscious about being around your children, and other loved ones, even your ex or soon to be ex-spouse. As all of us are adapting to the new “norm,” we need to open minded and respectful, more than ever, of each other. Think outside of the box. Not what would otherwise [...]

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Leaving Litigation on the Mediation Table

  Divorce, it can be devastating for a family.  Battling it out in court can make things even more difficult. Sometimes there is no option but to litigate, however, for others mediation may be an option. Mediation takes two. It’s voluntary, and it only works if both sides are willing to participate.  Each party must go in with realistic expectations regarding things such as custody, visitation, property division, living arrangements, and other financial obligations.  Mediation is guided by the two parties and their specific needs and can allow them to reach settlements that would otherwise not be attainable in court. Mediation could take an hour, or it could take a month or longer depending on [...]

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The Checklist – What to Do When You Are Preparing for A Divorce

After much consideration, you have decided it is time to end your marriage.  The next steps may seem easy – hire an attorney to handle everything – but that’s not the case.  In fact, preparing for your divorce may take as much time and energy as you put into trying to save your marriage. FINANCIAL DOCUMENTS You will need to gather your tax returns, W2s, bank statements, and retirement account statements. These documents are a critical part of determining your financial future.  Your income, savings, and investments will all be significant when determining spousal and child support and the division of assets. Do you have life insurance, disability insurance, long-term care insurance, or health insurance [...]

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