Should You Mediate, Collaborate or Litigate Your Marital Issues?

The vast majority of divorces and other family law-related issues end up settling. In this article, I will discuss how a settlement can occur in mediation, collaborative law, and yes, even litigation. Mediation is a process in which two individuals must be ready, willing, and able participants to subject themselves to mediation. It involves a neutral party as a mediator, and that person may be an attorney — or not — who helps these two individuals resolve their differences. The key requirement is that there must be two willing participants. If only one is willing, mediation is not the right process. A more relatively new process to resolve a couple’s differences is collaborative law. In [...]

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Why It May Be in Your Best Interest to Settle a Divorce Out of Court

A divorce trial is sometimes necessary, but it is almost always best to settle your matter as opposed to having a judge decide your fate. Ultimately, the things that you say in court that you think are going to help you might end up hurting you. Moreover, most good judges and lawyers will tell you that you are better off having input and fashioning your own agreement rather than allowing a stranger (the judge) to decide your future based upon what he or she may hear in testimony. In the context of a divorce, litigants are emotionally entrenched in their positions, and they may think: How could the judge possibly not see that what my [...]

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