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1006, 2021

Don’t Let Your Custody Agreement Heat Up This Summer

June 10, 2021|

By Gayle Rosenblum Custody arrangements can truly be stress-free if the lines of communication between both parents are kept open. Here are some tips to keep your summer smooth and stress-free: It is important to plan ahead. Talk to your ex about your plans and their plans this summer for the child(ren) in advance.  If there are conflicts, suggest solutions.  [...]

2004, 2021

When Is the Right Time to Bring Your Significant Other Home to Your Kids?

April 20, 2021|

By Debra L. Rubin Your marriage is over, your divorce is almost finalized, but your social life has moved on and now there is someone new in your life.  Great for you, but a reason to exercise caution around your children. So, when is the right time to introduce a significant other to your children?  There is no exact moment [...]

1204, 2021

Recreational Marijuana – Nothing Changes, You Still Need to Act as a Responsible Parent

April 12, 2021|

On March 31, Governor Andrew Cuomo signed legislation (S.854-A/A.128-A) legalizing recreational marijuana use in New York State.  It is now legal for adults 21 years and older to smoke, ingest or consume cannabis products, or give them to other people of the same legal age, with certain restrictions on quantities.  The bill also allows for up to five pounds of cannabis to [...]

1703, 2021

When Parents Need A Timeout During A Divorce

March 17, 2021|

Getting a divorce is not easy for anyone, especially children. Parents sometimes tend to get wrapped up in their own emotions as they work through the divorce process and neglect how their children are feeling. The stress of a divorce will impact each child differently depending on their family situation, their age, and their personality - but in the [...]

1902, 2021

Things To Do When Considering A Divorce

February 19, 2021|

Getting a divorce isn’t as simple as two people saying “our marriage is over”.  There are multiple layers to a divorce, many of which most people don’t consider or understand. So, what do you need to know as you plan to end your marriage? Locate your assets and what will be divided. Get all of your financial documents in order. [...]

1802, 2021

Divorce – What are the Key Issues?

February 18, 2021|

Whether your divorce is simple or complicated, amicable, or contentious – there are four key issues that generally must be addressed. The Children – This is likely one of the most emotionally complicated aspects of a divorce. Custody and parenting time are not as simple as dividing up the week. Parents must consider things such who holds the decision-making authority [...]

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