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911, 2023

You’ve Signed Your Divorce Agreement…Now What?

November 9, 2023|

You settled your divorce, and you signed your stipulation of settlement.  You and your soon-to-be ex have dotted all your Is and crossed all your Ts, but now what do you do? Are you divorced? No - It’s Not Over Until the Judge Signs the Judgment Understand, the agreement does not make you officially divorced. You are not officially divorced [...]

1710, 2023

The Holidays Don’t Have to Be Hard

October 17, 2023|

Divorce and/or separation can make the holidays more stressful, but with a little cooperation and planning they can be enjoyable for everyone - most importantly the kids. Coordination Is Key Depending on your situation, there are many ways to approach how you spend the holidays with your kids.  You may want to coordinate one parent having the children on Thanksgiving [...]

2906, 2023

Vacation Travel Tips for Divorced Parents

June 29, 2023|

Vacations should be relaxing and stress-free, and just because you are divorced or going through a divorce doesn’t mean they won’t be.  A little planning and a lot of communication can ensure that you and your ex are on the same page so that your only headache might be a delayed flight or some traffic.   Get your ducks in [...]

1605, 2023

Grey Divorce is Not Black and White

May 16, 2023|

Grey Divorce is a term used to reference couples divorcing after the age of 50.  It’s a growing phenomenon.  Currently, grey divorces make up a quarter of all divorces.  Some of the key factors contributing to the increase in divorce among this demographic are longer life expectancies, changing attitudes towards divorce, increased financial independence and empty nest syndrome. As you [...]

2701, 2023

How Long Does It Take to Get a Divorce?

January 27, 2023|

How long does it take to get a divorce? A very reasonable question for someone who has never gone through it. That’s just one of the many questions I am asked from clients about the length and detail of divorce. A divorce could be settled in 30 days, or it could last as long as 6-7 years. No one divorce [...]

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