COVID-19 is causing physical, mental, and emotional stress for all of us.  Now imagine being the victim of domestic violence in your marriage.  Under normal circumstances being in close quarters, dealing with added financial strains, the constant barrage of information from the news and social media, and resorting to increased eating and drinking is a recipe for a very stressful situation.   Dealing with all of these factors as a victim of domestic violence will exacerbate an already volatile situation.

Emotionally, victims of domestic violence may feel they have no place to go, now physically they don’t either. Where before they may have had an option to attend a therapy session or go see a friend – everything is now virtual and none of it has complete privacy in the confines of a home. They are left with no space, no privacy and no free and “safe” access to outside assistance.

Even access to the court system is limited, the need for an Order of Protection will still be considered.  If you, or someone you know if the victim of domestic violence you can contact The Safe Center Long Island 516-542-0404, Long Island Against Domestic Violence 631-666-8833 or call our offices for assistance 631-462-5888.

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