Post-Divorce: The Power of the Paper Trail

Once the divorce papers are signed, it’s not over. If there is a financial obligation between two individuals, then there will remain an on-going relationship between them. Here are some tips to make those interactions as smooth as possible. Child Support If a parent is not paying child support as required, there are a few possible courses of action you can pursue. You could potentially have payments made through the child support collection unit, wage garnishment, and/or income execution. You could also seek a money judgment from the court. If, after exhausting these less drastic remedies, you are unsuccessful, then you could seek contempt from the court which could entail punishment by incarceration. Other Child-Related Expenses [...]

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Help Your Lawyer Help You! 3 Tips to Keep in Mind

Many people going through a divorce or other family law related matter have limited experience working with a lawyer; some may have never before hired a lawyer. Others may have prior experience in matrimonial litigation or in other types of cases. The tips below will help anyone going through a divorce, regardless of how many times you’ve worked with a lawyer before your current case. Tip #1 It’s all right to ask questions. Write down any questions you have before meeting with an attorney. If you’re prepared in this way, you won’t forget to ask any questions you thought of before the meeting. Remember: there’s no such thing as a silly question. You should walk out [...]

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