.Here is what some of our clients have said about our services.

Debbie R. is a wonderful attorney and she is compassionate and understanding and easy to talk to. – S. M.

Debbie Rubin is probably the best lawyer a man can have in New York State. She sees all angles, returns calls and you can use her paralegals to work out the small things. I came to her after quitting another attorney. Trust me…Debbie can run circles around these other people AND in a fair, judicious and well articulated manner. I am a professional, with a license and degree before marriage so Debbie had to maneuver me around the whole bear trap we all know as O’Brien v O’Brien. She did the job in a manner that was nothing less than superlative. I was divorced with a judgment signed in one year after I met Debbie which is blistering fast for New York at the time. – E. H.

Debra is knowledgeable, compassionate, professional, and always puts her clients’ best interest first. – S. M.

I was Debra Rubin’s client for 6+ years for various matters relating to my divorce, custody, visitation, orders of protection, arrears, etc…It was 6 very long, trying years. I always was well represented by her expertise. I always knew that regardless of the matter, I had the best attorney to represent me. Her office (paralegals) were always experienced, compassionate, friendly, accommodating and responsive. If you want to have the best, Debra Rubin is the attorney to use. – T. G.

This is the firm where I refer my friends and family. They are knowledgeable, responsible and kind. They are the people to represent you during the most difficult time and hold your hand. Provides first rate representation. I have known this firm for over 10 years and they have the best reputation. – R. D.

Just a quick thank you to all for a great experience in a not so pleasant matter. Punctual, personal, professional and painless!   G. B.

As always thank you for your compassion and expertise. – With Gratitude

Thank you so very much. – P .L.

Gayle – Thanks again for everything. You’re amazing! – B. K.

I would like to extend my gratitude to you and your excellent staff. I cannot express how happy I am with the outcome. Thank you so much – S. R.

I highly recommend the professional services of Debra L. Rubin, Esq. Ms. Rubin represented me during an extremely contentious and difficult divorce. Ms. Rubin drove the process to closure in an extremely professional manner and was highly effective in settling my case. Divorce is a very emotional and debilitating process and you need someone that you can trust and manage through the process in a way that is courteous and respectful, yet effective. Ms. Rubin truly listened to what was most important to me and was extremely skillful and maintained composure when litigating. I had confidence that she was truly advocating and strongly representing my interests. As a mother with a professional career, this process was grueling, very emotional and so impersonal, yet Ms. Rubin gave 1000% over the multi-year journey, maintained focus and kept us on track to finalize my divorce and bring closure to those items that lingered after the signed agreement. At times when I felt the law was not on my side, Ms. Rubin counseled me to impart the reasoning behind the law which helped me to better understand the process. Ms. Rubin was timely in all responses, always on top of my in-depth details, and articulate in her communication of legalese. In my experience, Ms. Rubin is a phenomenal attorney and utilizes all of expertise to strategize for the best possible outcome. As a plus, she exhibits a pleasant demeanor and her sense of humor that was appreciated. I am truly grateful for Ms. Rubin and her staff as I believe there is no better representation in a divorce attorney. -Client, K.D.

To Gayle Rosenblum: “I give deep thanks for all of your compassionate and professional expertise.  Truly, you and the staff have been a blessing” – M. Z. L.

Gayle Rosenblum is an excellent attorney. She helped me enormously throughout my recent divorce agreement. After working with her and her staff I highly recommend her to anyone seeking a top notch professional matrimonial attorney. attorney. – J.

Ms. Rubin, Ms. Zuckerman and the rest of the staff are always very friendly and answer all questions in a timely manner. Ms. Rubin was straightforward and tells you what’s realistic. – R. F.

Ms. Rosenblum provided outstanding guidance and assistance with regard to my divorce case. A highly detail oriented, very knowledgeable and compassionate professional, Ms. Rosenblum helped me successfully navigate the legal process and settlement negotiations that resulted is a very positive outcome. Her staff is excellent in follow through and with compassionate assistance. Ms. Rosenblum always went the extra mile, such as connecting me with a financial advisor so that I could make informed decisions for the best property resolutions in my case to ensure financial security. All legal documents were carefully written and produced in a timely manner. Court appearances went smoothly due to her thorough preparations. In a difficult season of life, it was a blessing that a friend had recommended Ms. Rosenblum to me. I now in turn very highly recommend her professional services! – M.

I appreciate your support and services over the past year and a half – B. G.

Thank you for your email, follow up, and work on my case. I appreciate you and your office. Warm regards, – C.R.

Gayle thank you for everything that you did for me and my kids! ❤️🥹🙏🏻 SK